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Suite by Caroline is an affiliate of Fora Travel           


My goal is simple: deliver travel experiences and corporate events rich in meticulous detail, thoughtfulness, creativity, and customization. When you choose Suite, you're not just choosing a service; you're gaining a partner who passionately anticipates and masterfully plans for absolutely everything!

Where Imagination Meets Precision in Travel & Events

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Before my journey into the world of travel consulting, I believed I had it all figured out. I carefully crafted unforgettable vacations for family and friends and orchestrated countless inspiring events, spanning both domestic and international destinations. Still, I couldn't shake my curiosity. What more was there to discover? How could I elevate these already amazing experiences?.

It wasn't until I founded Suite by Caroline and underwent an extensive training program in partnership with the modern travel agency, Fora, that I had my epiphany. The reality struck me hard: I had missed out on a multitude of travel opportunities by confining myself to the limited scope of what the general public finds online. In the realm of travel consultancy, a treasure trove of hidden gems awaits discovery - charming hotel brands I had never encountered, exclusive private experiences, incredible perks, and upgrade possibilities, true VIP treatment, and more.

And here's the kicker: the swiftest path to accessing these concealed treasures is through a travel consultant. We dwell in this insider world day in and day out, witnessing more than anyone else. So, let's become insiders together on journeys and events, whether they're grand or intimate, straightforward or intricate. I'm here to enrich your travel experiences in ways you've never imagined.

From Wanderlust to Wisdom

My Journey into Travel Consulting


Meet Caroline

I'm an accomplished business executive who made the bold choice to pursue a new path tied to my enduring love for travel and events. My love for travel began in childhood, shaped by memorable family vacations, and has evolved into a lifelong passion. I've explored over 35 countries finding equal joy in planning as in the journeys themselves. Today, I happily share this obsession with family, friends, and colleagues, helping everyone navigate their own global adventures and organize memorable events.

What We Plan ...

Luxury Family Travel, Incentive & Corporate Events, Getaways to Hidden Gems

From jet-setting European vacations to the beaches of Hawaii, from multi-day, complex corporate events to sales incentive trips, and everything in between Suite has you covered.

Call me a history buff with a twist! I run tutoring groups for middle school kids, making learning a blast (well, most of the time). My heart beats for European history, but I've got a soft spot for the American Revolution too!

My dream dinner table lineup? Kobe Bryant, Queen Elizabeth II, Marie Antoinette, Jane Austen, George Washington, Bono, my influential grandma Lucile, and Holocaust-surviving grandparents, Ernest and Elaine I've recently caught the audiobook bug, and I'm hooked!

Above all else, I'm a family fanatic! I met my husband, Jason, when we were mere 13-year-olds, and now we're navigating the 'wonderful' world of parenting together with our two, let's say, enthusiastic teenagers, Adam and Katie

I'm a total hoops fanatic! I've cheered at three championship games – twice for my beloved Lakers and once for the Warriors. My teenage son and I are on a mission to slam dunk every NBA stadium in America, and we've already scored in 12 of 'em!

My day doesn't officially kick off until my 2 pm coffee ritual. It's my turbo boost for tackling the afternoon grind.

You can catch me on my home Pilates reformer – it's my secret to staying in shape and having fun while doing it.

Fun Facts

Just Some of Our Preferred Partners


"Caroline was super attentive and responsive. (She returns all calls and emails so quickly!). She was able to provide many extras including an amazing upgrade, free breakfast and a resort credit. She also helped set up our hotel transportation and suggested many great tips. We will be using Caroline for all future travels. She is the best!!"

– Justin F.


"Caroline was patient, understanding, and responsive. I changed our booking a few times and she was fully supportive and willing to take the time to make us happy. Her benefits were invaluable during the busy holiday season!"

– Suzy T.


"Caroline Weilert was amazing to work with to book our family vacation to San Diego! After giving her a few ideas of what we like and our budget, she was able to find several great hotels for us. She provided key insights from her personal experiences at each hotel and helped talk through what would be best for us. Caroline also took all the stress and guesswork out of planning this trip. She is very knowledgeable about a ton of different destinations and hotels. I would highly recommend working with Caroline on your next vacation!"

– Shelby L.


"Caroline managed all aspects of coordinating our stay with the hotel, and arranged valuable benefits such as full breakfast included and daily resort amenity credits. In addition, we received wonderful welcome packages in each room along with personalized notes. Thanks for the amazing family vacation."

– Brian B.


"Caroline is the best. My family and I were originally at a hotel where the rooms were very cramped and had mold on the ceilings and toilets. Needing to find another hotel fast, Caroline offered her services and I was able to change hotels with no effort. Caroline contacted the hotel for us and made arrangements in minutes and made sure we had a few perks added. I’ve used travel agents in the past and never had that type of follow up service. I will be using her for all my travel needs in the future and would recommend her services to anyone."

– Rachelle W.


"Per usual, Caroline provided timely and clear communication and all our travel needs were meet. Caroline gave us multiple options for each port of call and helped us book the independent shore excursions along with transfers to and from the ship. At the last minute we ended up taking more luggage than anticipated which required a change in car service, she was quick to re-book the reservation with no disruption at all."

– Jason W.


"I've had the privilege of both attending events expertly organized by Caroline and collaborating with her on event projects. Her exceptional leadership, unwavering thoughtfulness, boundless creativity, and meticulous attention to detail consistently shine through. When it comes to event planning, Caroline is nothing short of the absolute best!"

– Lisa P.


"Throughout my time working alongside Caroline, I've had the privilege of experiencing both her remarkable event planning skills as a colleague and her unforgettable events as an attendee. Caroline embodies creativity, thoughtfulness, and an unwavering commitment to detail, ensuring no aspect goes unattended. Her leadership is characterized by tenacity and an unrelenting work ethic, qualities you can always count on when entrusting an event to Caroline."

– Kelly K.


"I've had the privilege of participating in and collaborating with Caroline on event planning endeavors. Caroline's meticulous attention to detail, combined with her knack for adding unique and thoughtful touches, sets her apart in elevating the ambiance and overall experience of every event she's involved in. She truly embodies the essence of a master event planner, and I wholeheartedly endorse her without reservation."

– Kristen M.

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Suite is an affiliate of Fora, a contemporary travel agency with a distinctive edge - one that's masterfully crafted, inclusively innovative, tech-forward, and, frankly, undeniably cool. Our mission is to demystify the world of insider travel for you, delivering unbeatable perks and insightful recommendations.

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