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I hear you. The knee-jerk reaction to the term "travel agent" often places them in the past, deemed obsolete by many. But let me assure you that the industry has modernized, and travel consultants like us are currently in high demand. In today's fast-paced world, overwhelmed by information and crammed schedules, many of you would prefer to skip the hassle of navigating the complex maze of travel options, reviews, and websites. That's precisely where we shine – it's our Suite spot.

Now, if you're the type of person who obsesses over crafting your own vacations, you're amazing! We love people just like you! And here’s the deal: we’re your ultimate travel ally, not here to take the reins, but to elevate all the excellent planning and research you've done independently. Once you experience the incredible benefits we can bring to your thoughtful travel plans, such as hotel room upgrades, spa credits, free breakfasts, and more - you'll never want to rely solely on your old ways. Trust me on this one.

Suite and Simple

Travel Consulting


Package 1

Suite and Simple – Secure My Perks

You know where you want to stay. We'll exclusively handle the hotel booking for you. With access to Fora's expansive global network featuring over 5,000 properties and exclusive perk programs, you're in for a treat.

Fees | $0

When it comes to standard hotel bookings, there are no extra charges for you. Our compensation is directly covered by the hotels, ensuring that you pay the same rates you find online, and occasionally even less!

Package 2

Not As Simple, Still Suite – Research and Book

Share your travel aspirations, preferences, interests, and budget, and we'll craft up to three tailored hotel options and/or tour ideas for your consideration. You make your selections, and we take care of the bookings.

Fees | Starting at $250 per research effort

We understand that paying for research may seem unusual, but it ensures a commitment to the process. Your small planning fee covers the effort and encourages a seamless journey. In case you decide not to proceed, at least we're compensated for our work.

Package 3

The Suite Life – Comprehensive Itineraries Door-to-Door

This is our most immersive and consultative option, designed for those seeking a deeply personalized travel experience. Suite will engage in thorough research of your chosen destinations, meticulously tailoring a range of options, from accommodations and transportation to tours and dining, to align perfectly with your preferences and vision. Throughout the process, we work hand in hand, valuing your input and feedback every step of the way. The deliverable? A meticulously detailed itinerary that maps out your entire journey, from the moment you depart to your triumphant return home.

Fees | Starting at $750 per week of travel

Planning truly unique and personalized travel experiences is an art, and it's our commitment to never deliver cookie-cutter itineraries. We understand that every client brings distinct interests, visions, and priorities to the table, which can result in varying levels of complexity for travel planning. Factors such as the number of travelers, destination selection, the nature of customized and private experiences, special requirements, and more can all influence the final cost.

Please keep in mind that all fees are paid upfront and are non-refundable. We take pride in crafting tailored travel experiences that align perfectly with your individual preferences, ensuring your journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

Your Corporate Events Have Never Been So Suite!

At Suite, we've organized corporate events of various magnitudes in numerous global destinations, fully grasping that these events are more than mere gatherings. They are powerful tools for fostering relationships, sparking innovation, driving growth, and enhancing corporate culture.

Whether your plan involves a small or large conference, an incentive trip, a team-building retreat, a sales kick-off, or an executive summit, Suite will collaborate closely with you to understand your objectives and deliver a tailored experience that leaves your attendees in awe. Our flexible approach ensures that you have the freedom to choose the level of involvement that best suits your vision, resources and budget

Event Planning and Design

From concept development to flawless execution, Suite can handle all aspects of event planning, including venue selection, theme, decor, audiovisual setup, and logistics coordination. We ensure that every detail reflects your vision and objectives, creating a memorable and seamless event experience.

Vendor and Supplier Management

With our extensive network of trusted vendors and suppliers, Suite can assemble the perfect event production team. We'll negotiate contracts and procure top-quality services within your budget, so you don't have to stress about it.

Program Development

Let's collaborate to create a comprehensive event program that wows your audience. From scheduling speakers to arranging entertainment and incorporating interactive elements, I'll ensure your event is engaging, impactful, and aligned with your objectives.

Registration and Attendee Management

Leave the registration process and attendee management to us. We'll set up seamless online registration and handle all the special requests, providing personalized support for a smooth experience.

Event Marketing and Promotion

Drawing on our two decades of marketing experience, we'll develop targeted strategies to drive attendance and engagement. Through digital campaigns, social media promotion, and effective public relations, we'll generate buzz and excitement.

On-Site Event Management

The magic happens when the events come alive. We'll oversee every aspect of your event, from setup to breakdown. With meticulous attention to detail, Suite will ensure seamless execution and provide attentive support throughout

Budget Management

Suite works closely with you to develop and manage an event budget that aligns with your financial goals. Our expertise in budget planning and cost control ensures that you achieve a successful event while optimizing resources.

Post-Event Evaluation

We value feedback and believe in continuous improvement. After your event, we'll conduct thorough evaluations to measure success and identify areas for enhancement, guiding us in refining future events for even greater success.

Seamless. Creative.


Our Services

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Let Suite’s meticulous planning and insider knowledge transform your next trip or event into an unforgettable experience. Your journey begins here.

You Dream It


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